Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya

The Linux and Open Source Special Interest Group in Cyberjaya, Malaysia


Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya is a special interest group at Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus, Malaysia. We are the resemblance of Cyberjaya’s Linux Special Interest Group. The group comprises of enthusiasts who share a common interests of the Free and Open Source Software solutions and methodology with designated focus on Linux and open source software usage.

The group was formed in the 3rd trimester of academic year 2006-2007 to gather knowledgeable individuals with regards to Open Source and primarily in the areas of Linux and BSD. The group covers topics such as Linux operating system administration along with other Unix variants in relation to BSD and Solaris and caters individuals who are interested and enthusiastic in the expanse of free and open source software usage.

Free Open Source Software are software whose licenses allow its users the freedom to run, to study and modify the program, and to redistribute copies of the the original or modified program. The usage and distribution terms of the program must comply with the relevant licenses as well with its restrictions as stated.

Open Source also covers services which are provided as part of software functionality. Due to the nature of the software, which requires the source to be open, and the way the software is developed, more often then not, the software is given back to the community which it is meant for.

Open source software and services are very useful for developing people and nations, more often it help its users obtain the necessary skills needed for development with limited resources. Developed and developing nations consider the use of such software as vital to their development of their organization as it allows them greater autonomy over their development.

With regards to the usage of the relevant open source software in accordance with academic usage, the university is able to improve the students marketability as open source usage teaches them skills that allow them to be adaptable and learn to manage changing environments. Furthermore, the usage of open source software allows the university to diminish cost wherever needed while maintaining the quality of the infrastructure and services.

The Open Source Alliance aims to provide a central place for all things related to open source including but not limited to the Linux operating system variants. We aim to be a central place for resource and assistance on other open source operating systems such as BSD and Solaris variants, website related services such as servers, web application development & frameworks such as PHP, Content Management Systems and other softwares and services.


  • To help enrich IT Society of Multimedia University as an Information Technology based group by creating a potentially diverse interest group that is committed to being non-proprietary and to a group that is committed to sharing knowledge and information for computer users of all levels.
  • To gather all students and staff of Multimedia University who have interest in using and/or developing open source applications and services.
  • To add fun to learning by sharing in between members of the club.
  • To assist those who would like to try open source for evaluation and providing them smooth adoption.
  • To promote software, philosophy and values which related to open source to Multimedia University students and staffs as well as the public.
  • To contribute to open source development so that more people can benefit from it in the future.
  • To bring greater open source awareness and education in Multimedia University.


Community Advisor & Co-Founder
E-mail: sam at oss dot mmu dot edu dot my
Phone: +60 (12) 364 8550
Y!: tulipsoss

Mohd Syazli Mahmud
E-mail: syazli at osacyber dot org
Phone: +60 (17) 328 1840
Y!: syazli7

Lai Chen Haw
Server Administrator
E-mail: chenhaw at osacyber dot org

Ian Tam
President, IT Society
Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Campus
E-mail: cereal87 at iantam dot net
Phone: +60 (17) 2500 181
Y!: cereal87

Aidid Jaafar
OSA-Cyber Crew
E-mail: hjaidid at gmail dot com
Phone: +60 (19) 654 1333
Y!: chadfricky


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