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Google Summer of Code (SoC) March 2009 Talk

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Google Summer of Code (SoC) March 2009 Talk

I’m planning to have Google Summer of Code (SoC) 2009 Talk to be held next week, conducted by Devtar Singh, an ex-Multimedia University Melaka student to be mentor in the coming GSoC and a core member of LinuxSIG. Devtar shown great interest to talk about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and the Umit project.

Date    : 12th March 2009 (Thursday)
Time   : 4:00pm to 6:00pm    Pending Approval
Venue : To be announced, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya


  • Google Summer of Code (GSoC) .
  • Umit Project, an Nmap network scanner frontend and was started with the sponsoring of Google’s Summer of Code 2005

Google Summer of Code
(GSoC) is an annual program, first held from May to August 2005, in which Google awards stipends to hundreds of students who successfully complete a requested free software / open-source coding project during the summer.

About the speaker <Devtar Singh>:
Devtar Singh is one of the first three Malaysians to ever successfully complete the Google Summer of Code program which was covered by the media recently. He was a student under the Umit Project. Umit is an acclaimed network management tool which was featured in The Bourne Ultimatum movie. He worked on the Umit Bluetooth project throughout the program last year. He will be the mentor for this years Google Summer of Code for the Bluetooth Sniffer idea. He is currently working in Accenture and assumes diverse roles in several high profile projects including one in Shell IT.

Project references:


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