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Satyam makes strategic investments in Mainframe Technology

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Satyam makes strategic investments in Mainframe Technology

Interoperability across OS to benefit customers

BANGALORE, AUGUST 21, 2007 – In a first of sorts, Satyam Computer Services has procured a z9 IBM Mainframe Server that has the capability to run both traditional z/OS and the new Java and Linux workloads. The procurement makes Satyam the first and only company in India to have a Linux installation on z Series IBM Mainframe Server.

“The mainframe will allow Satyam to develop and build innovative transformational service offerings to customers. These could be a variety of innovative services using the interoperable platform in the areas of application transformation, SOA, server consolidation and performance management,” said Mr Pavan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, Satyam Computer Services.

Using the IBM System z9 Business Class Model 2096-A02 Mainframe, Satyam customers will be able to make legacy applications function more effectively in the current changing business environment.

Read more: TechWhack


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Wed, 22 Aug 2007 at 19:30:44 +0800

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