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LinuxSIG-OSACyber Open Hack Competition Reloaded 2007 EXTENDED

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Dear all,

Open Hack is a real server break in where we provide a server rigged with holes and misconfiguration for players to test their hacking skills. The aim of the game is for the player to find a way into the server and gain root privileges. Once he/she has root, the player will need to run a script that will replace the server’s index page with the player’s info, acknowledging the player as the sole winner. The server is purposely misconfigured. The player should look for the obvious & non-obvious clues, it’s everywhere.

Date: 22nd August 2007, 12pm – 25th August 2007, 12am (GMT +8)
Time: 50 hours
Multimedia University VPN Link (Physical server is @ Cyberjaya campus)
IP Address:
Registration: Participants will need to connect to MMU Cyberjaya’s VPN in order to play. (Free)


Open Hack has been extended until someone wins the challenge or when the organizer says so.
IRC: #linuxsig @

The first person to break in, gain root, and run the script wins a seat to HITBSecConf2007 courtesy of Hack In The Box.

Rules Of The Game:
Here are some guidelines to prevent you from looking like a lame script kiddie:

* DO NOT bruteforce the server. You’ll die of old age before the password gets cracked.
* DO NOT launch a DoS/DDoS attack.
* DO NOT flood the network

1) Linux Special Interest Group, Multimedia University Melaka Campus
2) Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya, Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus

In Collaboration With:
Centre for Information Technology Services (CITS), Multimedia University Cyberjaya

Gold Sponsor:
Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd

Thank you.

Best regards,

IT Society
Multimedia University
Cyberjaya Campus


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Mon, 20 Aug 2007 at 01:56:00 +0800

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