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New lab for open-source developers

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CYBERJAYA: Technopreneurs working with open-source technology can now develop their applications further, with the opening of the Basis Bay-MSC Malaysia Open Source laboratory here.

The lab, which is set up by the two entities through the Technopreneur Development Division at Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), is aimed at spuring the development of applications using open-source technology.

According to Basis Bay chief executive officer Datuk Praba Thiagarajah, although the acceptance of open-source applications in Malaysia is still growing, there is a global market for applications developed using the technology.

“The majority of organisations in Europe and the United States are using them in mission-critical environments, but we do not want to limit the opportunities of opensource technology to only that,” he said.

Opportunities beyond the mission-critical application environment, he said, includes those involving IT infrastructure products such as database and middleware solutions.

The lab, located inside the MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre at the Multimedia University here, can cater for nine projects at a time with two people working on each project.

It is equipped with Basis Bay’s Jazz server which it claims is made to support high performance computing.

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