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Middle East Pay in Asia!

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Middle East Pay in Asia?

Too good to be true?

Not according to Scanit!

Scanit, the leading IT security company in the Middle East has announced that it is now heavily recruiting for its new operations in Malaysia. When asked what the key driving factors were for making this move, CEO David Michaux said that he was ‘chasing the talent where ever he could find it, and as we found a good technical pool in Asia, so this is our next step’.

Scanit who are also the Gold sponsors of HITB in September, launched a recruitment site earlier this year focused at attempting to bring fresh technical talent to the Middle East market, ‘we have over 50 IT security jobs currently posted from clients all over the Gulf region’ said David ‘our clients need hands on people who can help to really secure their infrastructures’ he continued.

Not looking for qualifications or certifications, the Scanit team will be bringing a number of their recruitment customers, including some of the major banks and telecom operators from the Middle East, to perform direct interviews with interested candidates at the upcoming HITB event. ‘We will performing live interviews, both technical and personal, and hope to be able to help our customers fill some of their vacancies directly at the event’.

When asked if Scanit and their customers were looking at Asia simply to find cheaper labour, David quickly replied that ‘Scanit has a uniform payment structure irrespective of nationality or geographic location, and I believe that if you are among the best, you should be paid the same as your counterparts’. Salaries in the Middle East range from approximately 3,500USD per month to over 8,000USD, depending on your skill level and experience. ‘Scanit has the reputation of being the best in the security consultancy market in the Middle East, and I will make sure we keep that reputation when we move into Malaysia’.

Candidates who are interested in signing up for the upcoming recruitment drive can register their interest by subscribing to the recruitment portal at, the Scanit team have promised to give everyone a fair chance.

*** HITBSecConf 2007
*** 3rd – 6th September
*** The Hilton KL Sentral


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