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OpenMoko Neo 1973 Open Source Linux Phone on Sale

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The OpenMoko based touchscreen mobile phones and developer kits go on sale.

The Neo Base kit contains everything the mobile application developer needs to enjoy the benefits of the first freed phone, the Neo 1973. The Neo Advanced Kit everything the mobile device hacker wants to get down and dirty with the first freed phone, the Neo 1973.

The Neo 1973 phone features a 2.8 inch VGA resolution touchscreen, 266Mhz Samsung ARM based CPU, GSM and GPRS support, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and USB port. Wi-fi is prominently missing. The phone hardware is made by FIC.
OpenMoko uses software with a tireless history of success and stability, such as the Linux kernel, the GNU C library, the X window system, and the GTK+ toolkit, to name only a few. OpenMoko is Mobile FOSS.

With all the openess and developer support, there should be soon an iPhone user interface available for the Neo 1973 Linux phone.

The standard Neo 1973 kit sells for $300. The buy now button seem disabled though right now on the OpenMoko site.
More details on the OpenMoko site.

See also the Qtopia Greenphone, another Linux developer phone that is available since 2006.

Source: I4U News


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Tue, 10 Jul 2007 at 01:17:44 +0800

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