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Linux Developers Considering Move to Eclipse

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When you’re talking Linux development tools, chances are you’re talking about decades-old programming editors like vi and EMACS. These are fine for an older generation of programmers, but today’s developers, weaned on Microsoft Visual Studio, want integrated development environments.

At the recent Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, it was decided to start making Eclipse, the open-source development platform, the Visual Studio for Linux.

Several issues have led to this decision. The first is simply that developers want an IDE. Several IDEs were discussed at a Linux Foundation breakout session led by Marc Miller, AMD’s open-source ambassador, and Robert Schweikert, programmer and LSB (Linux Standard Base) developer.

In the end, Eclipse emerged as a favored IDE solution for the gaps found in other existing developer tools now widely used by the community. As Miller said, “I think the consensus was that Visual Studio-era users want a good IDE, and the only open-source IDE with serious momentum is Eclipse, so we should start looking at making that work well for LSB development.”

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Written by syazli7

Sat, 7 Jul 2007 at 12:51:35 +0800

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