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BBC’s use of Windows DRM attacked by open source advocates

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The BBC’s decision to use Microsoft DRM for its new iPlayer “catch-up” service has come under fire from an open-source group that objects to the UK’s apparent endorsement of Windows. The UK’s Open Source Consortium has written a letter to regulators asking that open solutions be used instead.

The iPlayer in question is a BBC service that will allow viewers to watch any show that they have missed for up to a week after it airs on television. The service is poised to launch soon, but it has generated controversy over the BBC Trust’s (which controls the Beeb) decision to require DRM on the downloads. The idea is that the shows will expire after a few days so that content owners can continue to make money on secondary licensing rights, DVD compilations, etc. The Beeb is also not keen on shows being downloaded and e-mailed to friends and family outside the UK.

The BBC chose Microsoft DRM to protect the downloads, which means that Mac and Linux users are left out in the cold. This didn’t sit well with the Open Source Consortium, which has just written a letter to the BBC.

Read more: Ars Technica


Written by syazli7

Sat, 23 Jun 2007 at 11:44:39 +0800

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