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Think Linus Will Defer to Sun on GPLv3? The Answer May Hinge on a Bottle of Wine

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds thinks the last GPLv3 draft is better than earlier drafts, but he still doesn’t like it much, preferring the existing GPLv2 that the Linux kernel is currently licensed under.

He has problems with the GPL 3’s ban on so-called “tivoization” – Tivo shuts down if users mess with its DRM software – and deals like the Microsoft-Novell pact.

” All I’ve heard are shrill voices about ‘tivoization’ (which I expressly think is OK),” he wrote Sunday on the Linux development mailing list, “and panicked worries about Novell-MS (which seems way overblown, and quite frankly, the argument seems to not so much be about the Novell deal, as about an excuse to push the GPLv3).”

However, he told the mailing list that he might move to GPLv3 if Sun puts OpenSolaris under the GPLv3 like it’s been saying it wants to so it can have a standard license.

“I have yet to see any actual reasons for licensing under the GPLv3, ” Linus said. But “if Sun really is going to release OpenSolaris under GPLv3, that may be a good reason. I don’t think the GPLv3 is as good a license as v2, but on the other hand, I’m pragmatic, and if we can avoid having two kernels with two different licenses and the friction that causes, I at least see the reason for GPLv3. As it is, I don’t really see a reason at all. I personally doubt it will happen, but hey, I didn’t really expect them to open source Java either so it’s not like I’m infallible in my predictions.”

Not that Torvalds is particularly enamored of Sun.


To someone on the listing mail he wrote:

Read more: Java Developer’s Journal


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Sun, 17 Jun 2007 at 14:17:10 +0800

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