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Adobe Takes Web 2.0 to the Desktop

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Adobe has delivered itself of a public beta of Flex 3, a free open source cross-platform framework for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) except they don’t necessarily have to run on the Internet.

The Flex 3 drop includes a companion beta of the widgetry code named Apollo, now renamed Adobe Integrated Runtime, that will let developers move their on-air RIAs offline to the desktop using HTML/CSS, AJAX, Adobe Flash and Flex itself.

Needless to say this presents another problem for Microsoft, which has its anticipated like-minded Silverlight scheme.

Adobe speaks of a “new generation of applications that work across operating systems and both inside and outside the browser, bridging the gap between the web and the personal computer.” has visions of its cadre of developers who build on-demand business application using AIR to make on-demand applications “more compelling.”

Google has been looking over Adobe’s shoulder at how to develop software that works both on- and offline and has come up with the Google Gears plug-in.

Adobe described the open source AIR as including a WebKit HTML engine, an ActionScript Virtual Machine (the Tamarin Project) and an SQLite local database with full text search same as Google Gears is using – and the two should have a common API soon enough.

Adobe says web developers used to relying on a database for storage should be able to build desktop programs without changing their techniques. And Dreamweaver projects will be deliverable as AIR apps.

Read more: Enterprise Open Source Magazine


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Sun, 17 Jun 2007 at 14:14:34 +0800

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