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Open-source bites into Microsoft share in Bengal e-gov

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Kolkata, June 8: Having tried out Microsoft for a few years, the West Bengal government’s information technology department is now opting for open-source operating systems in new purchases of PCs for its ambitious e-governance programme.

The state recently chose to install Lenovo PCs loaded with Red Hat Linux for an e-governance programme involving 277 panchayats in Burdwan district.

The state’s IT minister, Debesh Das, said he is not looking for a confrontation with Microsoft, but is clearing the purchase of open-source by any department that wants it. Dr Das, a professor of computer science, is himself a votary of open-source and the free software movement.

Manish Mukherjee, general manager of the state-owned Webel Technology Ltd, who is in charge of sourcing software for various government departments, said the government will buy less and less proprietary software like Microsoft Windows and Office, which is not only pricey, but needs costly upgrades and do not reveal their source code.

“We are now in the transition stage and when we start developing various applications on open source, we will cut down our expenditure on proprietary software,” said Mukherjee.

Read more: Kolkata Newsline


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Sun, 10 Jun 2007 at 02:40:15 +0800

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