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Microsoft Hires Linux Foundation Engineering Manager

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Tom Hanrahan brings to Microsoft 30 years of experience in engineering management and open source community development.

Microsoft has hired a leading Linux engineering manager out of the den of one of its fiercest opponents, the San Francisco-based Linux Foundation.Development veteran Tom Hanrahan, former director of engineering for the Open Source Development Labs and current director of engineering for the Linux Foundation, will be the new head of Microsoft’s interoperability lab, one of the offspring of its deal with Novell last November.

The Linux Foundation is the group that was formed from the merger of the Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group. The Linux Foundation has warned Microsoft publicly against attempting to enforce its patents against Linux users, a response to Microsoft’s warnings on the heels of its Novell deal that it believes Linux violates some of its patents.

Hanrahan was previously senior program manager of IBM’s Linux Technology Center in Beaverton, Ore., then joined the Open Source Development Labs in Beaverton at the end of September 2004.

Hanrahan will report to Sam Ramji, head of Platform Technology Strategy and Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab in Redmond. The lab has overall responsibility for interoperability between Windows environments and customer’s open source code. It certified the operation of the JBoss Application Server and other middleware under Windows before JBoss’ acquisition by Red Hat. Hanrahan will head the Linux interoperability efforts.

Read more: InformationWeek


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Sun, 10 Jun 2007 at 02:42:38 +0800

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