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HP Updates Open Source Linux Management Tool, LinuxCOE

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A number of years ago, when Hewlett-Packard started deploying a lot of Linux internally, some smart nerds at the company invented a set of tools and gold images, called the Common Operating Environment, to help control deployments of Windows and Linux within its departments and data centers. Last year, the Linux portion of the toolset, called LinuxCOE, which was the result of six years of internal development at HP, was released under an open source license. Last week, that LinuxCOE tool was enhanced with a 4.0 release.

LinuxCOE can manage the installation of over 100 different Linux distributions, and can be made to create custom variants of just about any Linux distro you can name. LinuxCOE is available in binary form through a non-HP site called InstaLinux and the source code for the tool is available at

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Written by syazli7

Wed, 6 Jun 2007 at 13:13:56 +0800

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