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FOSSCON Call for Papers

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FOSSCON is looking for engaging talkers to speak on a range of issues, the complete Call for Papers is below:

What is FOSSCON?

FOSSCON is the Peer Directed Project Center’s (PDPC) first major project beyond the freenode IRC network. Most conferences claim to produce a conference which is profoundly different. Instead, we claim that we’re making our conference profoundly more useful. FOSSCON particularly focuses on open-source communities and collaboration from some of the folks who do it best.

Who are we looking for?

FOSSCON is looking for dynamic and engaging speakers on September 22nd and 23rd to fill two separate tracks:

  • Technical Track – this track is more technically oriented and focuses on new technology and specific advances in FOSS software and platforms. This track is a tab more general and any topics dealing with FOSS will be included here though technology which specifically deals with community issues and collaboration is still the focus. Some of the specific technology we’d like to hear about includes:
    • Source control management (SCM)
    • Technical standardization and interoperability
    • Virtualization
    • User interface design
    • Toolchain improvements
    • Networking
    • Programming languages
    • Any other interesting or innovative technology or tools
  • Community Track – this track focuses on the collaborative nature of open source software. The focus in on issues that arise within a project, issues that arise between projects and issues that arise when projects end up interfacing with external entities. All of the following topics fit neatly into this track:
    • Community building
    • Marketing
    • Public relations
    • Developer/User relations
    • Relations with academia, industry and other open-source projects
    • Licensing, assignment of copyright, foundations and other legal issues
    • Bug tracking and/or code testing

Each speaker slot is 1 hour long. In addition, we will also be providing slots in lightning rounds for those who have something they want to say but don’t have a full detailed talk; these will be 15 minutes each. Slots in the lightning rounds can be requested using this page on our wiki. We’re also doing workshops so if you’d like to take advantage of a 3 hour workshop slot instead, let us know at… just send an e-mail asking for information and we’ll talk with you about it, the process is slightly different. (Please begin the subject line with the word workshop in capital letters.

Submit a talk

Please e-mail the following information to with a subject line that begins with the word submission in capital letters. (e.g. SUBMISSION: talk on sandwich virtualization)

Personal Information:

  • Name:
  • Freenode handle: (not required)
  • Project/Company Affiliation(s):
  • What other conferences do you intend to speak at before FOSSCON? (if any)
  • Do you prefer giving your talk in the morning or afternoon?

Talk Information:

  • Abstract of presentation:
  • Which track do you think is most appropriate for this talk?
  • Will your presentation be interactive?
  • Do you have any special needs for your talk?

Questions specfic to presentations aimed for the community track:

  • What types of concrete examples will you be using in your presentation?
  • What types of concrete information will you be providing?

Questions specfic to presentations aimed for the technical track:

  • Will you be releasing any new research or tools at the conference?
  • What software, if any, will you be using as part of your presentation?

The Process

Speaker selection will happen in two rounds:
Round 1:
Submission Deadline: April 14th
Response Deadline: May 1st

Round 2:
Submission Deadline: June 1st
Response Deadline: July 1st

Speaker Selection Complete: July 15th.

You are free to submit proposals in either or both rounds, but be aware that less space will be available after Round 1 is complete. After submitting a talk, you will receive one of the following responses by the response deadline:

  • Accepted – Your talk is accepted and you will be scheduled shortly.
  • Provisional Acceptance – We would like you to speak, but would like you to address certain issues or require more information.
  • Deferral – We will provide comments on why your talk has not been accepted and you will have a chance to either re-submit or submit additional supporting information (at your option) before speaker selection is complete.
  • Rejected – Unfortunately we didn’t feel your talk fit well for the conference or we simply ran out of speaking slots. We wish you the best of luck and encourage you to try and speak in the lightning rounds.

If you are selected…

FOSSCON is happy to help cover rooming costs for friday and saturday evenings on an individual basis for those who need. However, if you do require such help, please let us know early! Unfortunately we do not have funding to cover travel costs.

In addition, selected speakers will need to legally give permission to the Peer Directed Project Center and FOSSCON to use your talk and presentation materials. Be prepared to sign paperwork to this effect at registration, if any of your materials need permission from another entity to be redistributed, please let us know and get such permission before you arrive. You will also be asked to provide a bio.



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