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Microsoft Brings Linux to the Desktop

leave a comment » recently published a news story that revealed Microsoft’s attempt to “train” its sales force and customer-base in “fending off the Linux Surge”.

Did you get that? Microsoft has decided that Linux is indeed a threat to their monopoly and that extreme measures are indeed in order. Here is the joke most of us aren’t getting. We argue, scream at one another, and basically run the topic into the ground. “Is Linux Ready For THE DESKTOP???”

So busy are we chomping and changing over this issue, we completely missed the fact that Microsoft itself made the decision for us. Oh…I did say “more on that in a bit”, didn’t I? The Novell Treason. But are you up on the latest? It wasn’t enough that Novell signed a potentially incriminating agreement with Microsoft. It wasn’t enough that Novell allowed the trojan horse through the gates, permitting contaminated code to enter the pheriphery of Suse Linux. Novell is now “agreeing” that Microsoft has a lower “total cost of ownership (TCO) than Linux. You think I’m kidding huh? Just take a look here.

Anyway,… apparently Microsoft finds Linux good enough to sell via Novell. MS found a way to make money off of Linux while you and I scratch and scrape for a new graphics card or monitor so we can test and include the drivers for our latest releases. That’s hysterical.

Kind of like finding out your high school rival is schtupping your girlfriend in the car you loaned him.

Source: Helios


Written by syazli7

Fri, 23 Mar 2007 at 15:18:14 +0800

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