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Universe HUG DAY

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Hello everybody,

Friday the 23rd of March will be a Universe Hug Day again! You’re all invited to help to fix bugs in Universe and Multiverse.

We put quite some work into tagging bugs as
* ‘bitesize’, if they’re suited for newcomers,
* ‘packaging’, if the bug is packaging related.

Also we want to take care of crasher bugs. Lots of them were filed and lots of them were retraced by Martin’s excellent retrace service already, so we’ll have an easy job to find duplicates and either forward upstream or grab the fix from upstream.

If you pondered joining the MOTUs, this might be the best time. Grab a bug from and join us in #ubuntu-motu on Friday, 23rd of March.

Have a nice day,

Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach(a)>


Written by syazli7

Thu, 22 Mar 2007 at 23:20:11 +0800

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