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Minutes: Ian Tan’s meeting

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Venue: Mr. Ian Tan’s office, FIT BR 4008, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
Date: 5th March 2007 (Monday)


  • Mr. Ian Tan <ian(a)>
  • Mohd Syazli Mahmud <syazli7(a)>


4:00 pm: – Mr. Ian confirmed to me that Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya to handle the LAMP workshop.
– ITS committee members leaving the room.

4:02 pm: – Chat on the creation of Open Source Alliance name.
– Query on the suitable lab for the shell scripting class.
– Clarified that I need to see Ng Kok Tian to check on the Linux availability in the labs.
– Shell scripting does not need high specs.
– and book the lab with Ng Kok Tian or Nor Shehah.

– Explanation on the time slot allocated for the LAMP workshop which is 21st, 22nd and 29th of March 2007.
– I suggested that the LAMP workshop to be 2 sessions. Permission approved

– Introduction on Load Balancing class canceled due to thoughts on not enough audience and scope is too diverse.

– Query on creative commons talk.
– Confirmed that he will check on Dr. Ewe regarding the MDeC’s Creative Commons awareness talk.

– Chat that one of the Linux Computing Labs will be opened to public so that students won’t have to check which lab is unoccupied to use the computer facility.
– The lab will be using Linux distribution and open source softwares. I thought like a cyber cafe.
– Chat that he is currently in contact with Novell Malaysia to sponsor software for a lab and the previous Linux Computing lab shall be sponsored by Novell.
– Next academic year, workshops on open source software usage such as openoffice will be handled by Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya every month to increase usability experience in students in using open source softwares.

– The lab to used shall be one of the Linux Computing labs.

4:20 pm: – Meeting ajourned. I leave the room.

6:05 pm: – I went to see Mr. Ian again at Linux Computing Lab 1 to ask whether we can make the LAMP workshop to be in 1 session of 2 hours.
– Permission approved.
– Lab to used shall be utilizing Fedora Core 5 or 6.


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