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Minutes: Thursday Night Gathering

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Venue: HB3 Hostel Food Court, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
Date: 15th February 2007 (Thursday)


1. Ng Peng Aun Sam <samngnet(a)>
2. Mohd Syazli Bin Mahmud <syazli7(a)>
3. Syed Faisal Tauhidin Syah <cannonball_2000my(a)>
4. Mohd Amer Bin Ahmad <vrx02(a)>
5. Zuwairi Aiman Bin Che Mat <bobhandburry(a)>
6. Lam Jun Huy <timljh(a)>
7. Tan Kee Fong <dennis_miracle(a)>


7:58 pm:- Sam Ng arrived.

8:00 pm: – Syazli arrived.

8:20 pm: – Syed Faisal and Amer arrived.
– Chats and get to know each other.

8:43 pm: – Zuwairi arrived.
– Chats on Hack in the Box, MMU computer securities.

9:14 pm: – Jun Huy and Dennis (Kee Fong) arrived.

9:15 pm: – Syed Faisal and Amer ordered food and eat some other place.
– Get to know each other.
– Dennis registers to the group.
– Sam chats about open source and other stuff.
– Syazli introduced Dennis on LAMP.

9:27 pm: – Syed Faisal and Amer came back to the group table.
– Sam Ng talked to Jun Huy, Dennis and Zuwairi about FreeBSD.
– Syazli briefly introduce about the time available for this trimester after this gathering which is about 9 weeks.
– Syazli plans that there should be 4 events to cover the 9 weeks as said by Mr. Ian Tan that it is good to be there’s an event every 2 weeks.

9:44 pm: – Jun Huy and Dennis leave for another event.
– Discussion starts.
– Identifying volunteers for LAMP workshop.
1. Mohd Syazli Mahmud
2. Sam Ng

Identiying volunteers for IT Society Booth @ Central Plaza
1. Mohd Syazli Mahmud
2. Syed Faisal Tauhidin Syah
3. Mohd Amer Ahmad
4. Sam Ng
Discussing ways to distribute free Linux distributions CDs.
Ubuntu CD package.
Identify peoples who are committed to help burn Linux CDs.
1. Sam Ng
2. Mohd Syazli Mahmud
1. Mohd Amer Ahmad
2. Syed Faisal Tauhidin Syah.
– Amer suggested that we form as a support team for Linux support.
– Sam Ng said that we should request for rewards as to not allow users take advantage of the service.
– Consultation services for Linux newbies and open source solutions committed consultants:
1. Sam Ng
2. Syed Faisal Tauhidin Syah
3. Mohd Syazli Mahmud
4. Mohd Amer Ahmad
5. Zuwairi Aiman Che Mat
– Possible sponsor of laptop for exhibition by Lancerdragoon (Khairulzaman).
– Confirmed ability to sponsor laptop for Linux exhibition by Sam Ng.
– Introduction on Sabayon Linux distribution which is a live DVD derivative of Gentoo Linux supporting Beryl.
– Type-in registration method to be discussed with IT Society committees.

– Combined LAMP workshop overlapping OSA-Cyber “Server Administration” workshop.

– Discussing “Shell Scripting” workshop.
– Introducing what is shell scripting which is kinda the ability to program your Windows’s Command Prompt.

– Discussing updates on Creative Commons talk by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd., talk by Dr. Alina Ng.
– Emphasizing establishment of contact between Dr. Alina Ng and Dr. Ewe Hong Tat which shall be checked by Sue Win (ITS President).

– Discussing the topics of “Linux Kernel Customization and Compilation” workshop.
– Explanation that the advisors wanted something advanced.
– Discussion on what is kernel compilation and how to actually compiles it and customize.

– Talks on “Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Customization” talk.
– Intended for target audience of Management students who learn “Internet Computing” subject.
– Decided to leave it out of the plan, as it is more to web development and is not coherent to our system-related talks and workshops.

– Introduction on “Samba Administration”.
– Telling that it’s not right-click and share as the only feature.
– Many additional features and security features can be shown during the talk.

– Introduction on Load-Balancing Cluster
– Introduction on what is cluster and load-balancing.
– Syazli express interest on Load-Balancing.
– Sam Ng said that is a wide topic.

– Discussion on “Linux Install Fest”.
– Query by Syed Faisal to Syazli on Melaka Linux SIG Linux Install Fest.
– Response by Syazli was it was not very good as asked to Fabian Chong Fei Ming (LinuxSIG Melaka Founder), it was done at Unix Lab.
– Sam Ng continued that location is important, hostel foodcourt would be a good idea as Install Fest needs users to carry their desktop/laptop to the Install area.
– Sam Ng talks on MMU Cyberjaya history of FreeBSD Install Fest, http servers before the existence of torrent.

– Talks on TULIP, owned and in charged by lecturer Mr. Mohd Nazri Ramliy.
– Intention to replicate MIT’s LAN culture and allowing usability of internet most used services in intranet during internet break down.
– Applications of chat server (Jabber), Hostel Committee Bulletin Board for the committee and students to post legal announcement within the intranet.
– Server listing, indexing and search engine.
– Most of the applications already done.
– Talks on and oss server to be used for open source information centre and Tulip as the centre for intranet services.
– Source code revision control for long-term Tulip source code centre and incubating open source projects as well as easier to collaborate on codes during group projects.
– Currently an SVN server has been set up but without the front end (GForge/Trac).

– Chats on the status of Folding@Malaysia.

– Links to be viewed:
– MNCC (Malaysian National Computer Confederation): mailing list
– FOSS Malaysia: mailing list
– Syazwan CITS web site:
– SVN Source Code Revision Control:
– GForge:
– Trac:
– Sam Ng’s ym: sam_ng, tuliposs

– Finalizing the group activities:
– Tutorial on Shell Scripting.
– LAMP Workshop.
– Introduction on Load-Balancing.
– Creative Commons Talk by MDec as backup.

11:00pm: – Need collaboration from IT Society to post at MMU Bulletin Board.
– Syazli introduced that the existence of this group will be notified publicly at Cyber Tracker.

11:08pm: – Request for calendar.
– Analyzing the calendar for the week slot to set up event.
– Set Week 6 of the trimester (12th – 16th March 2007) as the next meetup with agenda is the Tutorial on Shell Scripting most probably on Thursday Night (15/03/07).
– Syazli thought should be minimum 2 and around 3 events to be covered this trimester.
– Sam Ng thought on teleconferencing classes between MMU Melaka and MMU Cyberjaya to lessen our task and to increase the amount of activities.

11:20pm: – Meeting adjourned.

Group Activites:
– Tutorial on Shell Scripting.
– LAMP Workshop.
– Introduction on Load-Balancing.
– Creative Commons Talk by MDec as backup.

– Collaborate with IT Society committees regarding the IT Week Booth for new member registration.
– Collaborate with IT Society committees for privilege to use MMU Bulletin Board.
– Check the status of Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. regarding Creative Commons talk in Multimedia University Cyberjaya.
– Polishing shell scripting skills.
– Development on Tulip server, oss and


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