Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya

The Linux and Open Source Special Interest Group in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Projects – old

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(This page has been used for base discussion on 15/02/07.)
Status: Archived.

Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya


Past Activities

  • Linux Install Fest

Current Activities

  • Workshops
    • Server Administraion
      How to create your own web site
    • Advance: Linux Kernel Customization and Compilation
  • Talks
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Customization
    • Samba Administration
    • (Proposed) Intermediate: Shell Scripting
      Creating your own shell script
    • (Proposed) Advance: Introduction on Load-Balancing Cluster
  • Folding@Malaysia Distributed Computing Project
    Info: Folding@Malaysia, Stanford University’s Folding@Home
    keyword: awareness, distributed computing

    • Collaboration with Red Crescent Society during Blood Donation Drive
    • Set up booth and flyers for donator
  • TULIP – The ULtimate Intranet Project
    Intended to be used for students usage.
    Currently develop towards bringing internet usage to intranet.
    Owner: Mr. Mohd Nazri Ramliy

    • Hostel Committee Bulletin Board
    • Jabber Instant Messaging Chat server
    • Hostel servers directory, indexing and search engine
    • Source code revision control
      • Goal: for hostel collaboration on programming projects and final year projects
  • Open Source & Creative Commons Awareness
    • Talks by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

Hosted Students Projects

  • Multimedia University Bulletin Board RSS


  • Linux Special Interest Group T-Shirt

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